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Adoption: What You Can’t Learn Online

The Internet is an astonishing resource that I could not have dreamed of when I adopted my children thirty years ago. Today adoptive parents can join online forums to discuss adoption with other adoptive parents [...]

Oct 31, 2016|Adoption Attorney, Adoptive Parents|Comments Off on Adoption: What You Can’t Learn Online

Normal Is a Washing Machine Cycle

“Normal is a washing machine cycle,” I often joke with those worrying that turning to adoption will defeat their dream of a normal family, quoting a childhood friend who is now a special education teacher. [...]

Aug 16, 2016|Adoptive Parents|7 Comments

Birth Mothers’ Medical Care

Birth mothers’ medical care in adoption can make a critical difference in women’s prenatal and hospital experience and the outcome for their children. I was thrilled to be invited to present a workshop this week [...]

Jul 11, 2016|Birth Mother|Comments Off on Birth Mothers’ Medical Care
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