Surrogacy, Sperm, Egg, and Embryo Donation

Once you have found a gestational surrogate or an egg, sperm, or embryo donor, Robin can draft or review the donation or surrogacy agreement you will need to protect your rights and ensure that you can establish parentage of your child. In gestational surrogacy, Robin can perform the legal work to obtain the pre-birth order of parentage and birth certificate, or the adoption, to establish you as the legal parent of the child.


Medical advances in assisted reproductive technology are leading to exciting new options for parenthood through egg, sperm, and embryo donation, as well as surrogacy. The choices can be overwhelming, and Robin is especially sensitive to the emotional and financial costs of the process. She can discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of adoption versus donation and surrogacy from a legal and practical standpoint. Gestational surrogacy costs approximately $150,000.00. The expenses vary, particularly with regard to the medical costs, including whether donor ova are needed, the number of IVF cycles needed for the surrogate to become pregnant, and the amount of medical costs not covered by insurance.