Protecting Legal Rights to Your Child

My younger son faced surgery for a serious medical problem when he was 13. Already in possession of a keenly [...]

Stop Asking Me If I Have Grandchildren

“Stop asking me if I have grandchildren!” I long to scream at the blissful grandparents I encounter regularly. When they [...]

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Five Tips for Adoptive Parents from a Doula

Adoptive parents know that bringing a child into the world takes a village. So do intended parents using a gestational [...]

Jun 27, 2017|Categories: Adoptive Parents, Birth Mother, Open Adoption, Surrogacy, Assisted Reproduction, Fertility, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |Comments Off on Five Tips for Adoptive Parents from a Doula

Normal Is a Washing Machine Cycle

“Normal is a washing machine cycle,” I often joke with those worrying that turning to adoption will defeat their dream [...]

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A birth mother discusses adoption honestly and passionately in an interview with me this week. Jackie, an articulate 23-year-old, who [...]

Apr 29, 2016|Categories: Adoptive Parents, Birth Mother|Tags: , |4 Comments
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