Surrogacy and Sperm, Egg, and Embryo Donation for Intended Parents

New Jersey just enacted a new surrogacy law which makes New Jersey a great state for surrogacy!

If either the intended parent or gestational surrogate resides in New Jersey, they can do a New Jersey surrogacy.

The surrogate can have her reasonable expenses paid. This is huge! New Jersey now permits payments to a surrogate.

Medical advances in assisted reproductive technology are leading to exciting new options for parenthood through egg, sperm, and embryo donation, as well as surrogacy. The choices can be overwhelming, and Robin is especially sensitive to the emotional and financial costs of the process. She can discuss with you in detail the pros and cons of adoption versus donation and surrogacy from a legal and practical standpoint.

Robin can help you build your family by:

  • Finding a New Jersey surrogate without using an expensive agency
  • Finding an egg, sperm or embryo donation agency or fertility clinic
  • Assisting in screening potential gestational surrogates
  • Drafting a gestational surrogacy or donation agreement
  • Obtaining legal parentage for you as the intended parent