Robin Fleischner is simply the best attorney to have in your corner for the adoption process. From the first meeting she inspires confidence not only in your belief in her but in your belief that you will be successful in adopting a child. Robin doesn’t candy coat anything, she is straightforward and honest that the process will be stressful, that you must dedicate time and resources to your pursuit but in the end every ounce of sweat you pour into it is worth it when you are selected by a birth mother and adopt your child.

Robin gives you a great education on the adoption process. The easy parts, the difficulties, the highs and the lows. Robin explains the legal aspect, of course, but also your interaction with the agency that will be doing your home visits and the clearance process. You are also educated on the fact, and this is critical, that you are essentially marketing yourself to potential birth mothers.

Most people don’t possess the skill necessary for creating a solid profile, a good ad campaign or an eye catching website. For this there are a few people she recommends for profile creation, website building and advertising. I cannot stress this enough, work with these people. They are great at what they do and since they all have adopted children they know firsthand what you are going through.

Ours was a particularly stressful adoption requiring we spend an extended period away from home while we waited for ICPC approval. Throughout this time Robin kept us updated daily, was lobbying with bureaucrats to get the approval completed and was always empathetic and encouraging. My wife and I knew as long as we had Robin fighting for us we were going to be alright.

After finally getting home Robing kept us updated on the court hearings leading up to finalization. At no time are you left wondering where things stand. If you are unsure or have any questions at any time, Robin is just an email away. She responds quickly, every time.

We just completed the finalization for our son and could not be happier. In short, we highly recommend Robin to anyone who wants to adopt. From the initial consult to the finalization you have an attorney who is behind you all the way. You can’t ask for more.

Rosemary and Chris
Working with Robin was wonderful when we adopted our daughter three years ago. We were so satisfied, that we immediately returned to Robin when we decided to adopt again. We are in the process now.

Robin has many strengths. She is incredibly knowledgeable about adoption and its laws. It is clear that she is thoroughly experienced in her line of work and that she is more than competent to do the job you need her to do.

On top of that, she is also an adoptive mother. She knows the struggle and disappointment. She knows just how hard it is to wait. Having an adoption professional who understands your heartache is very helpful when the dreaded adoption mishaps occur.

One of my favorite things about Robin is that her focus is always on the adoptive parents. Of course as AP’s, we are concerned with the birth parents and Robin is as well. But often it is necessary to have someone who is looking out for you as the adoptive parents, who is there to make sure everything is done fairly for you. Furthermore, there are times when prospective birth parents are not sincere or when you are contacted by someone only pretending to be a prospective birth parent. Robin was so valuable to us at times like these because it was so easy to believe what we wanted to hear while waiting to adopt. Robin was always there to make sure we were being told the truth.

Robin is also extremely responsive. If I send her an email, I receive a response very quickly. I have rarely waited more than a half hour. She will even respond if she is busy to give me a short answer or just a note to say she will get back to me ASAP.

Overall, our experiences with Robin have been extremely comfortable and comforting. We couldn’t ask for more in an adoption attorney.

After years of trying to have a family on our own, we met people in our community who had previously adopted. Amazingly, many of them mentioned Robin’s name independently of each other. We met with Robin for a consult and she was clearly knowledgeable about the adoption process and extremely sympathetic regarding everything we were going through. After that meeting, we engaged Robin as our attorney to represent us though the process. From that point forward, Robin was extremely responsive and worked very closely to ensure that we were informed of opportunities to form a family. She is professional, courteous, and a pleasure with which to work. We have since adopted a beautiful baby girl and couldn’t be happier. We have been given a gift that we once thought was not possible. Robin Fleischner truly does form families.
Brian and Alissa
The adoption process is a process of uncertainty, unique challenges, and great joy! My wife and I are indebted to Robin for her persistence, patience, and in depth knowledge of the adoption process. She advocated for us and fought for what was best for us, the birth mother and child! Thank you Robin!
Carrie and Zach
Robin Fleischner has successfully helped us with our first adoption and is now in the middle of working with us for our second. When we were adopting our daughter (first child), it was such a stressful and emotional time in our lives. Robin worked tirelessly to ensure that our daughter would come home with us and that our transition into parenthood would go smoothly.

For our current second adoption, we came across some situations which were very complicated. Robin has helped us to navigate through them and now we believe that everything is moving along nicely. We are so happy with the birthparents and they with us. At this point it looks like our new son will be coming home with us in three months and we can celebrate our lifelong dream of having a complete family.

We absolutely could not have done this without Robin. Her advice is invaluable. Thank you forever!!

Sana, Adam, Sophie, and soon to be bouncing Baby Boy
My husband and I were first referred to Robin through “a friend of a friend” after a very bad experience dealing with an adoption agency, so we didn’t exactly know what to expect. Robin was extremely professional. Going through the adoption process as a prospective adoptive parent was a lot of work but Robin guided us through what we needed to do from start to finish. She referred us to other service providers and resources that we absolutely loved – from adoption agencies to perform home studies to recommended places to advertise. Whenever we had contacts with birth mothers, Robin was very honest with us about all the risks – financial, legal and emotional. Through the entire process Robin was extremely accessible and responsive to any questions or issues that came up, and believe us, they came up often. We were so pleased with Robin’s services when we adopted our son that we didn’t hesitate to contact her when we decided to expand our family once again. Robin was there with us time and time again through several difficult and failed prospective adoption plans always providing us with an honest and objective opinion but never pushing us. It was through Robin’s connections that we finally met a match with a birth mother and adopted our beautiful baby girl. We highly recommend Robin to any family seeking an adoption attorney.