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Will Your Adoptive Child Feel Accepted?

Will your adoptive child feel accepted and included in your family and community? What impact will the adoption have on the life of your adoptive child? Here is one adoptee’s response to me: “I have [...]

Feb 8, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Courage in Adoption Highlights 2016

Courage in adoption was central to my two most popular blog posts of 2016: http://adoptsurrogatelaw.com/2016/04/29/birth-mother-discusses-adoption/ In a candid interview with me, a birth mother expressed her courageous resolve to proceed with an adoption: “You feel [...]

Dec 26, 2016|Adoptive Parents, Birth Mother, Open Adoption|Comments Off on Courage in Adoption Highlights 2016

Adoption: What You Can’t Learn Online

The Internet is an astonishing resource that I could not have dreamed of when I adopted my children thirty years ago. Today adoptive parents can join online forums to discuss adoption with other adoptive parents [...]

Oct 31, 2016|Adoption Attorney, Adoptive Parents|Comments Off on Adoption: What You Can’t Learn Online
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