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Birth Mother Can Make Sure Adoptive Parents Are Qualified

How can a birth mother make sure adoptive parents are qualified to adopt? A reference letter in support of my adoption application 34 years ago gives birth mothers a sense of the in-depth and deeply personal [...]

Building an Inclusive Community for Children

Building an inclusive community for children is the passion of my older son, Adam Metzger. This video captures his talent and dedication as the recipient of the Jewish Education Project’s 2017 Young Pioneers Award: http://youtu.be/OaFCYVYIVy4 [...]

Mar 21, 2017|Adoptive Parents|2 Comments

Will Your Adoptive Child Feel Accepted?

Will your adoptive child feel accepted and included in your family and community? What impact will the adoption have on the life of your adoptive child? Here is one adoptee’s response to me: “I have [...]

Feb 8, 2017|Adoptive Parents|Comments Off on Will Your Adoptive Child Feel Accepted?
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