Adoption Highlights of 2015

Reflecting on the adoption highlights of 2015, I found that two events created fitting bookends to the year in adoption: [...]

2018-01-03T10:18:37-04:00Dec 28, 2015|Categories: Adoptive Parents, LGBT, Open Adoption|Comments Off on Adoption Highlights of 2015

Same-Sex Adoption: Supreme Court Decision

Dressed like a royal princess in grey tulle and golden stars, a smiling, redheaded four-month old entered the courtroom with [...]

2018-01-03T10:18:37-04:00Jun 29, 2015|Categories: Adoptive Parents, LGBT|Comments Off on Same-Sex Adoption: Supreme Court Decision

What Makes a Family?

What makes a family? Who is a father or mother? Kent Haruf’s beautiful, piercing novel, Plainsong, raises these two questions central [...]

2016-03-27T23:00:25-04:00Sep 3, 2014|Categories: Adoptive Parents, LGBT, Surrogacy, Assisted Reproduction, Fertility|Comments Off on What Makes a Family?
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