Here are practical questions for a birth mother to create her adoption hospital plan. The answers will help her tailor the experience to her needs and wishes for the birth and care of her baby at the hospital:

Labor and Birth Plan

Name(s) of my labor coach/coaches:______________________________________

Is there anyone else that you would like in the labor and delivery room during delivery?___________________________________________

Immediately After Delivery

Who do you want to cut the cord (if approved by your doctor)? ______________________________________

You will be given one ID band that matches your baby. Who would you like to have the second baby ID band? ____________________________________

Do you want to see your baby? Yes____ No____

Do you want to feed and/or care for your baby in the hospital? Yes___ No___

The Postpartum Plan

Do you wish to have the adoptive parents visit you in your room? Yes___ No___

Do you wish to see the adoptive parents and your baby together in your room?

Yes___ No___

Postpartum I would like to: (check all that apply)

___Keep baby in my room

___Have baby stay in the nursery

___Have baby come to my room only when I call

___Keep baby with adoptive parents when not with me

___Allow adoptive parents to have the opportunity for alone time with baby

The hospital staff and adoptive parents can be instrumental in posing these questions for a birth mother and honoring her wishes with respect and compassion through the deeply emotional hospital experience