What if an adopted child looks different from his adoptive family? Read this beautiful letter an adoptive mom wrote to me with her sons’ answer.

Dear Robin,

Our family of four has been doing great. N just celebrated his 6th birthday and is now in 1st grade, and continues to be doted on by his ever-protective big brother J who is now a 4th grader. We speak openly and gratefully about N’s adoption in our family, and he readily shares his thoughts and experiences at home and at school. He is one amazing little guy and we’re so thankful for all that you did for us when we were looking to grow our family. We haven’t heard from the birth parents since we parted ways at the hospital 6 years ago, but we do still update the blog for them to see pictures of N growing up.

I’ve attached a pic of the boys, their recent school sibling picture day!  They’re so used to people commenting “are you guys really brothers, you don’t look anything alike,” and they proudly answer back “Of course we’re brothers! One of us adopted, so what if we don’t look like each other?!” (Which usually causes the nosey person to feel totally embarrassed for their ignorance! haha)

From the four of us to you and your family, we wish you an awesome 2018 full of good health, joy, and lots of exciting adventures!


J, S, J, and N